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Swimming Lessons

The swimming lesson schedules for Sunday Morning, Session 1, Tuesday and Thursday evening lessons have undergone some small tweaks and updates as we respond to some requested changes and add in new members.  As lessons start this week, there may be some additional movement as we make sure swimmers are registered in the correct level. It is recommended that you consult the schedule for any updates (particularly if you are registered in the Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions). Please check your email for the updated link.

A few notes about swimming lessons:

Water Workout

Deep Water Aquafit Monday to Thursday 10:00-10:30
Shallow End Aquafit Monday to Thursday 1:30-2:00 and Tuesday Evening 6:30-7:00


First meeting for Leaders and Junior Leaders is Monday at 1:30.  Show up on deck and look for Stef, Nolan, Alex and Emma!  Open to all members aged 11-17; come get involved with volunteering and activities around the pool!

Want to bring a guest?

As a member, you can bring guests with you to enjoy leisure swim!  A pool member MUST be present at the pool when their guests are swimming.
Guest fees are $5 per swimmer per day and are payable in cash to the gate guard, or can be sent by e-transfer to piscineheightspool@gmail.com

Have guests from out of town that will be staying with you for a while?  We can arrange weekly leisure swim memberships for out of town guests of our members. 

Swim Team and Water-Polo Parents

Please check your emails for invitations to the TeamSnap app that our coaches will be using to track attendance and make schedule changes.  Please help our coaches by updating your swimmer(s) availabilities so they can plan their events and line-ups.  We are also using TeamSnap to organize the volunteers for swim meets, please help when you can.  We are missing volunteers for this week’s swim meet at Beacon Hill.