Beaconsfield Heights Community Swimming Pool Association


Terms and Conditions of Membership

  1. Definitions
    1. Heights Pool refers to Beaconsfield Heights Community Swimming Pool Association, its representatives, Board of Directors and or employees.
    2. Board of Directors refers to members elected during Heights Pool’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) to roles specified in its bylaws.
    3. Member and members refer to individuals, and their family members when applicable, who have completed the registration process and paid their annual dues according to the membership categories described in the registration form.
    4. The City refers to the City of Beaconsfield in the Province of Quebec.
    5. Start of regular season refers to the date when regular pool programs are underway.
  2. Payment of Membership Dues
    1. Payment of membership dues must be paid annual for the amount corresponding to the membership category selected during the registration process.
    2. Payments can be made in cash or by check to:  Beaconsfield Heights Community Swimming Pool Association (BHCSPA).
    3. Heights Pool reserves the right to charge an additional fee (late fee) on payments made after the start of regular programs.
    4. Heights Pool reserves the right to restrict access to the pool grounds and/or programs for members whose dues are unpaid.
    5. In accordance with the policies of the Association of Lakeshore Pools (ALPS), members who have not paid their dues by the start of the regular pool season are barred from participating in competitive ALPS events including, but not limited to: swim meets, water polo games and tournaments, diving competitions and synchronized swimming competitions.
  3. Privacy
    1. Heights Pool will not release specific personal information about its members to any third party for any reason, unless compelled to do so by the laws of the Province of Quebec.
    2. Heights Pool may, from time to time, share general and anonymous data about its membership for the purpose of accounting, grant applications, fundraising or other activities deemed necessary by Heights Pool.
  4. Conduct
    1. No forms of abuse or violence, either, verbal, physical or sexual will be tolerated, against Heights Pool, its representatives, staff, members or its property.
    2. Members agree to abide by the safety rules posted at the pool and on its website, as well as specific safety instructions provided by the lifeguards.
    3. Height Pool reserves the right to eject or ban any member from any or all programs activities at any time for failure to comply with these rules or instructions.
  5. Use of Images and Likeness
    1. Members agree to have their image or likeness, and that of their family members covered by their membership category, displayed both at the pool and for the promotional purposes such as (but not limited to): print advertising, web site, Facebook, Instagram and other social media site.
    2. Images, likenesses and videos of minors that are used outside the pool grounds will not be used with names or other personally identifying information.
    3. By uploading images or video to Heights Pool’s website and/or Facebook page, or by sending images or video by any form to Heights Pool or its representative, members agree to forfeit any rights or royalties for these images.

UPDATED: February 18, 2015