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Water polo is a water sport combining swimming and hand-ball as well as many different aspects from multiple sports. It is a team sport played with 7 players aside involving endurance, team work and ball handling skills.

There are 6 different teams for all age groups, varying from 10 and under to 16 and under. There are various tournaments throughout the summer, as well as regular league play.

Practices are 5 times a week for the 14 and 16 and under teams with a league game up to two times a week. The 12 and under and 10 and under teams have practice twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and play in several weekend tournaments over the course of the summer. The practices involve swimming, to improve endurance, passing and shooting drills as well as scrimmages to improve game play.

With over 20 years of winter water polo experience, with provincial and national team experience among the coaches, as well as elite level winter coaching experience, the coaching staff is well equipped to pass on their knowledge to new and interested members.

Come out and try this amazing sport, a fun and exciting experience!