Swimming Lessons

Heights offers a modified version of the Olympic Way swimming program. Swimming lessons run from Monday-Thursday and are grouped into four, two-week sessions. To learn more, visit our swimming lessons page.
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Swim Team

Swim team is a program which looks towards improving swimming endurance and technique, it is ran by a team of coaches with both summer and winter swimming experience.

Each week kids can compete in a swim meet competition against a rival pool where they will have an opportunity to improve their swimming times as well as work on their cheeringRead More »


Synchronized Swimming

HeightHeights is proud to have had both boys and girls synchro teams competing in ALPS events in recent years! Synchronized swimming is an artistic sport where a team, duet or soloist swims a choreographed routine to music. Synchro is a chance for children of all ages to improve their strength, endurance and flexibility in the water, all while having fun.Read More »


The diving team practices from Monday to Thursday, and participates in ALPS diving competitions on Sunday mornings. Diving lessons are available for anyone looking to improve their technique and have fun safely on the diving boards.

Water Polo

Water polo is a water sport combining swimming and hand-ball as well as many different aspects from multiple sports. It is a team sport played with 7 players aside involving endurance, team work and ball handling skills.

There are 6 different teams for all age groups, varying from 10 and under to 16 and under. There are various tournaments throughout the summer, as well as regular league play.Read More »


Lifesaving Courses

We offer an introductory lifesaving course, as well as Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross certification (extra fees apply).

Other Programs


Masters Swimming