Heights Programs


Leaders is for kids twelve and up who are interested in becoming lifeguards in the future. This program allows the kids to learn leadership skills through helping out with swimming lessons, hot dog lunches, pancake breakfasts, and home swim meets. Through participating in this program leaders have the opportunity to develop basic work skills that might help them as a pre-junior or junior lifeguard. Various activities are planned for the leaders in order to reward them for their work; a leaders sleepover, rant and trip to Laronde at the end of the summer are organized by the lifeguards for the leaders.

Swim Team

Swim team is a program which looks towards improving swimming endurance and technique, it is ran by a team of coaches with both summer and winter swimming experience. This program is organized into 5 age groups; 8 and under, 9 and 10, 11 and 12, 13/14 and 15 and over. Practice for 10 and unders is from 10:30-11:15 and 11 and over practice is from 11:15 to 12. Practice is monday to thursday, with a combined swim team circuit practice on fridays from 11-12 incorporating both dry land and pool aspects. Each week kids can compete in a swim meet competition against a rival pool where they will have an opportunity to improve their swimming times as well as work on their cheering. At the end of the summer there are section finals where all pools in that given section will compete together, only a select few will qualify for this meet as well as Alps finals.

6 & Under Swim Team

Six and under swim team is a great way for children to incorporate fun and swimming into a half – hour sessions Monday-Thursday. We encourage all children who are able to swim at least 12 m (1 width) with assistance to join. Our goal is to prepare young swimmers for the older levels of swim team by practicing relays and swim techniques.

Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming is an artistic sport where a team, duet or soloist swims a choreographed routine to music. Synchro is a chance for children of all ages to improve their strength, endurance and flexibility in the water, all while having fun. The Heights synchro program is all-inclusive, meaning that anyone who wishes to participate will be placed on one of our many teams. The synchro program at Heights is renowned for being one of the largest in ALPS, and it has always played a large role in the Heights experience. While everyone is encouraged to participate, we ask that each athlete be comfortable in deep water and be capable of learning a routine. Synchro practices are held Monday through Friday, with additional practices at the coaches’ discretion. Attendance at practice is MANDATORY; synchro is a team sport, and though it is very fun, it requires hard work and dedication from every member of each team. Nearing the end of the summer, ALPS hosts 3 large synchro competitions: Solos and Duets, Summer Synchro Meet and Team Finals. Participants should be sure not to schedule their vacations the week of and the week prior to the competition. This ensures that every team member is present at each has a good knowledge of the routine. Customized bathing suits will be purchased for each team, ranging between $50-$75. However, there will be fundraising events throughout the summer to help bring down the cost. It is mandatory for every synchro swimmer to purchase a bathing suit.


Water polo is a water sport combining swimming and hand-ball as well as many different aspects from multiple sports. It is a team sport played with 7 players aside involving endurance, team work and ball handling skills. There are 6 different teams for all age groups, varying from 10 and under to 16 and under. There are various tournaments throughout the summer, as well as regular league play. Practices are 5 times a week for the 14 and 16 and under teams with a league game up to two times a week. The 12 and under and 10 and under teams have practice twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and play in several weekend tournaments over the course of the summer. The practices involve swimming, to improve endurance, passing and shooting drills as well as scrimmages to improve game play. With over 20 years of winter water polo experience, with provincial and national team experience among the coaches, as well as elite level winter coaching experience, the coaching staff is well equipped to pass on their knowledge to new and interested members. Come out and try this amazing sport, a fun and exciting experience!