Main Pool

1. No Running on Deck
-This also applies to all grassy areas
2. All children that are the age of 11 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
– Older siblings or babysitters must at least be 12 years of age or more to be considered a guardian
3.No Diving in the Shallow End.
– Diving is only permitted in the deep end part of the pool.
4. No Roughhousing in the Pool or on deck
– (i.e. chicken fights, play fighting, etc.)
5. No Waterpolo balls
– (water polo balls may be permitted if members want to use one of the nets, under the supervision of one of the lifeguards).
– However, once there are 10 or more people in the pool both the water polo balls and net must come out.
6. Anyone under the age of 16 is not permitted in the adult lane
– This lane is reserved for laps only. Members under 16 must get out and walk around in order to travel from the shallow end and deep end.
7. Lifejackets are the only floatation aid permitted in the pool.
– Children that need a lifejacket absolutely must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the pool at all times. Parents or guardians cannot just stand/sit on the side and watch.
– Lifejackets are provided by the lifeguards if needed. – No bubbles, (No water wings, No noodles, etc).
8.In the case of bad weather (i.e. Thunder, Lightning, Heavy Rain) the pool must be cleared and members must remain behind the blue line.
– Thunder: 25minutes, Lightning: 45min.

Deep End & Diving Board

Only one person is permitted to be on the diving boards at one time.

You must be at least 7 years old and at least in blue for lessons to be permitted to jump of the 3 meter diving board.

Members must wait at the bottom of the ladder when waiting to go on the diving boards
This also applies to the 3meter staircase.

No running on the diving boards/ No inward dives.
– members must jump off the board facing forward
You can only jump in on the person ahead of you has reached the ladder on the side

Children that require life jackets are not permitted to jump off the diving board.

No catching kids as they jump off the board. Only a lifeguard is permitted to do so.

If the 3 meter diving board is in use, only one of the 1 meter boards can be used, the other will remain closed.
members must use the ladder of the other closed 1 m board when jumping off the 3m
If both 1 meter diving boards are being used the 3m will remain closed.

During deep end, members are not permitted to do any kind of back dive or flip off the sides of
the pool.

Please note that the pool rules are subject to change.