Week 1 Update

Swimming Lessons The swimming lesson schedules for Sunday Morning, Session 1, Tuesday and Thursday evening lessons have undergone some small tweaks and updates as we respond to some requested changes and add in new members.  As lessons start this week, there may be some additional movement as we make sure swimmers are registered in the […]

What’s Happening This Week?

June 24th First Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross Class from 11:30-2:00June 25th Opening BBQJune 26th Start of Sunday LessonsJune 27th Start of Session 1 Lessons and ProgramsJune 28th Start of Tuesday Lessons and MastersJune 29th  Swim Meet at Beacon HillJune 30th  Start of Thursday LessonsJune 30th  Water-polo game @ Heights: Pool closed for leisure swim as of 6